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Reach the Walmart Customer

Our goal is to provide the greatest impact to the advertiser and exceed their expectations on what Walmart can deliver.

Walmart Advertising Opportunities

Leverage our portfolio of high-impact, superior scale and unique media products to maximize your shoppers' experience on

  • Display icon
  • Display Media

Reach your brand’s shoppers across desktop, mobile and tablet who are actively shopping and browsing on and closest to the point of purchase.

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  • Native icon
  • Native Ads

Maximize product exposure and conversion through high-impact product placements within natural form and function of the shopping experience.

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  • Audience Extension

Expand your brand's reach & frequency to your relevant audience segments with Walmart co-branded ads through display, mobile and pre-roll video capabilities.

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  • Paid Search

Engage with shoppers at the top of the shopping funnel though text and PLA search ads. Maximize in-store sales by tracing a customer's search to a customer's in-store purchases.

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  • Performance Ads

Create an always-on presence while elevating your brand and increasing conversion through multiple points of the shopper funnel.

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  • Programmatic icon
  • Programmatic

Reach the world’s largest multi-channel retailer audience segments with Walmart’s Programmatic Buying Program.

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  • Email

Target dedicated email placements to custom segments of email subscribers in order to drive awareness to new products and to convert consumers on their path to purchase.

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Source: WMX Sales Lift Reporting.

Category Opportunities

Reach targeted shopper through multiple opportunities.